EPO waterproof coating series, EPO-13, EPO-21, EPO-CS emulsion



EPO-CS Emulsion


    EPO waterproof coating is a kind of waterproof, anti-corrosion, heat insulation coating is exposed polymer coating use, where "E" is the abbreviation of Exposed, can be exposed, "PO" is Polymeric-emulsion, which is the abbreviation of polymer emulsion.

    EPO waterproof paint is a two-component curing type synthetic polymer emulsion, the first component is made of polyester polyol and polyisocyanate modified by a certain percentage of polycondensation reaction of reactive semi-finished products, namely polyurethane prepolymer powder, group B is the color of the liquid from the leveling agent, curing agent, thickening agent, coagulant, filler composition.

    When using A and B two groups divided according to a certain proportion, mixing evenly, painted on the surface of the base construction, after a few hours after the reaction, the two group formed as a waterproof coating film with high elasticity, high adhesion, high strength, good crack resistance, corrosion resistance, weather resistance, aging resistance.

Main features:

1,The coating thickness of 2 mm maximum pulling force could reach 2960N / 50mm is "SBS" 3.7 times the thickness of 4 mm type material to the highest standards 800N / 50mm of.

2, After the "zero elongation" test, film thickness of 2 mm can resist the matrix of the crack of 4 mm, the film thickness of 3 mm can resist the matrix of 6 mm crack (can be in the booth test stand self examination)

3, Low temperature of up to -38 , can be exposed to outdoor use under conditions of minus 38 degrees.

4, High temperature stability, up to 210 .

5, Can be exposed to long-term use of water immersion, without setting the mortar protective layer.

6, Excellent resistance to UV aging resistance, resistance to UV aging under conditions of strength and elasticity index rise, not fall.

7,Cold coating construction is convenient, waterproof layer without seams, suitable for special-shaped base surface construction.

8, Can be achieved on the matrix full sticky, full seal, the integration of zero node fortification

9,Excellent bond strength performance, in the C30 reinforced concrete tensile bonding strength test, "the matrix material damage" adhesive layer can not be separated.

10, health and environmental protection. Bare soaked in drinking water for 28 days to extract water samples, the water still meets drinking water standards is the only directly used for drinking water standards.

11, -10in the conditions of construction, the only water-based products in the winter construction.

12, can be used in the bare state, not combustion, do not burn the elastic products.