EPO waterproof coating series


EPO-MR Waterproofing System


• As a waterproofing membrane with EPO-MR.

• As a coating membrane mixed with EPO-MR Quartz Sand Mixture .

• The use of waterproof coating and non-woven fabrics, and enhance the extension of the metal.

- Metal roof, steel structure building ;

- Factory building, warehouse, production workshop, etc. ;

•For new construction and repair projects.


•Waterproof  anti-corrosion

•Low odour

•Resistance to high temperature 210

•Color steel tile cracks

•Cold applied


 Pack sizes



Component to 2

ETA 03/0044

Resistance to wind loads

>= 50 kPa

Statement to dangerous

does not contain


Metal roofing

Imposed loads

P1 to P4

Roof slope

S1 to S4

Resistance to Lowest temperature


Resistance to Highest  temperature


Shelf Life 

Can be stored unopened for up to 12 months in a cool, dry, frost-free place.



Comp. A liquid


Comp. B liquid

Standard colours


 Standard colours


Special colours

on request

Workability period* [min]

approx. 30

Can be walked on* after [h]

approx. 16

Cured* after [h]

approx. 48

Next coat can be applied after* [h]

approx. 16(The front layer is dry

Short-term temperature resistance [°C]


* Values obtained at a temperature of 23 °C - 50% rel. humidity. May vary according to weather conditions such as wind, humidity and temperature.

Usage guide 

Depending on the nature and condition of the substrate: 

Approx. 3.0 kg/m2 giving a coating thickness of approx. 2.0 mm.


Base surface pretreatment:

Base surface must be solid and clean, no dust, oil or debris. Base surface such as broken, loose or uneven, after cleaning can be cleaned EPO waterproof anti-corrosion mortar (EPO-CS) for smoothing. Plane construction should follow the direction of drainage with polymer mortar or EPO waterproof coating to do slope.


Stir well before using. If you feel the use of brushing difficult, according to the situation plus 5% -15% water dilution, and stir evenly. Can be roller, brush and spray method of construction. General requirements four times waterproof construction, after the first pass coating dry film before the second track construction.


Should be in the appropriate degree of environmental temperature construction.

Is expected within 24 hours of precipitation and wind dust weather should not be outdoor construction.

Do not immediately use the paint is strictly prohibited to add water dilution, reclaim cover immediately after the lid to prevent moisture evaporation and crust.

  The same facade is best to use a batch of products, different batches of products for the same facade, should be mixed evenly after use to avoid color. 

Important notice  

For chemical resistance, see the Chemical Resistance List A-Z. 

The safety data sheets, identification of the units, hazard warnings and safety recommendations on the units must be observed during transportation, storage and application. The BG-Chemie technical information must be observed for application. 

General information 

The colour of the finished product may alter according to temperature and/or UV-radiation, however its performance remains unaffected. The times given are reduced with higher and increased with lower surrounding and work surface temperatures.

We guarantee the consistent high quality of our products. 

VESCHKO products must not be mixed with other manufacturers′ products.

The technical information and application instructions contained herein reflect the current level of knowledge and experience with our products. In each case, the new edition supersedes the previous technical information and renders it invalid. It is therefore necessary that you always have to hand the current code of practice. When using our products, a detailed, object-related and qualified inspection is required in each individual case in order to determine whether the product and / or application technology in question meets the specific requirements and purposes. We are liable only for our products being free from faults-correct application of our products therefore falls entirely within your scope of liability and responsibility. Our products are sold exclusively on the basis of our conditions of sale and delivery.

Published: VESCHKO, January 2007