Excellent performance unique index

    EPO waterproof coating is not the core product SIKO, is one that can be used in harsh environments, to excellent product construction in bad construction conditions, is currently in use at least the waterproof coating in product defects.

12 unique properties

    1, the maximum tensile strength of 2 mm film can reach 2292N/50mm is "SBS" 4 mm thick type II material of the highest standard 800N/50mm 2.8 times. Is the industry's largest tensile elastic material.

     2, the "zero elongation test, 2 mm thick film resistance matrix cracking 4 mm, 3 mm thick film resistance matrix cracking 6 mm (can be in the booth test bench is the only self examination) to carry out the testing of products.

     3, low temperature flexibility can reach -40 degrees, 50 degrees below zero in the outdoor exposure use conditions. In the elastic material is to meet the use of the lowest ambient temperature products.

     4, high temperature stability, can reach 240 degrees Celsius, 4 degrees Celsius for 100 hours without hair stick. Is one of the most high temperature stability of elastic materials.

     5, can be used in the water for a long time exposed, without the need to set the protective layer of mortar. Against the roof water: summer heat soaking, winter freezing and thawing, the damage to the waterproofing, is the only long-term product in elastic water immersion in water exposed in use.

     6, there is an excellent anti ultraviolet ageing performance, is in the ultraviolet resistant aging condition, strength and elastic index does not fall to rise.

     7, excellent bonding strength performance, in the C30 reinforced concrete tensile bond strength test, "matrix material damage" adhesive layer can not be separated. It is the product with the largest tensile bond strength in the elastomer material. Can realize the full sticky, full sealing, the integration of zero node security. It is the largest product in the elastomer. The color steel plate, glass, Aluminum Alloy, wood, plastic, ceramic tiles (smooth) cotton fabric is not easy to be waterproof adhesive material base and different materials on the implementation of waterproof. At the same time, it is also the best elastic material. This product construction in the leveling layer of powder, sand serious when can also improve the surface sand and powdering.

     8, good light corrosion, can resist the city of domestic and industrial wastewater and seawater, offshore engineering, underground high salt, high alkaline water and corrosive soil, to their own destruction, and concrete protection from corrosion, and in liquid, gas corrosion conditions of metal pipes, structural parts wooden structure, waterproof and anticorrosive double anti a fortification. Compared with the solvent based corrosion protection, it has the advantages of high efficiency, durability and low cost. Is the only one in the country to carry out anti corrosion testing of waterproof material.

     9, excellent health and environmental protection. The product is exposed to water for 28 days, and the water is still in accordance with the drinking water standard, which is the only product that can be directly used for drinking water.

     10, can be under the conditions of -10 construction, is the only domestic water can be winter construction products.

     11, a single product can be used in underground, kitchen and toilet, roof, pool, glass, steel and other kinds of waterproof engineering anti varnay. Can simplify the management of Party A and Party B to the project. Can also be used in building facades, Luqiao, high-speed rail, tunnels, water conservancy, port and other large national infrastructure projects. Is currently the most widely used products in the domestic construction.

     12, in the bare state, not only not combustion, combustion of elastic products.