About Us

    Veschko  International Holdings Limited is a diversified international business company, headquartered in Germany, since the beginning of twentieth Century, Veschko is engaged in a chemistry research, a fortuitous opportunity to enter Germany a local research institute, do research and development of waterproof coating, according to the prevailing environmental conditions. The oil crisis, the coatings industry to save energy and resources, reduce pollution, beneficial to the ecological balance and improve the economic benefit of the direction of development, the market continues to progress, promote technology innovation and development. EPO waterproof coating is born in this case, after the Veschko name was Fushike company.

     In 1980s, Vladimir Veschko research team found that the reinforced concrete building in the protection layer process requires a lot of excavation, garbage disposal and other complex processes, the large quantity of engineering, construction period and growth; metal building (steel tile structure) can not be done if combined with a protective layer, a protective layer on the same, will make the steel tile weight to shorten the service life of the final deformation. If the protective layer is needed to be exposed on the surface of the grassroots construction. Some special environment of the building, exposed to the outside of the waterproof layer needs a high thermal stability and resistance to low temperature.

     EPO waterproof paint eventually developed and successfully, and after a lot of practice and market research. In 1992 the introduction of the Chinese market, the establishment of Veschko German cooperation in foreign enterprises.